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Beautiful is a Way of Life

Alexandra Nuttall Design is a full-service interior design studio located in sunny Vero Beach, providing full scope interior design services for new construction, renovations and furnishings for large scale homes and condos in Vero Beach, Nantucket and abroad. Her curated design æsthetic is timeless, elegant, crisp with a vibrant touch.

I believe beauty is a way of life and a beautiful home has the power to bring you happiness, delight, ease and a sense of peace to your life.

Alexandra’s clients value bespoke design, quality, integrity and a professional yet personal working style. Alexandra and her team excel at making the design process remarkably pleasurable and stress-free. Her clients appreciate her ability to seamlessly create their personal vision for their home and their lifestyle, infusing their everyday moments with beauty and ease. Effortless elegance and beauty becomes a way of life.

About Alexandra Nuttall Design

Owner and lead designer Alexandra Nuttall leads Alexandra Nuttall Design with a serious love for interior design and a tremendous care for her clients. Her team of extended partners which includes highly skilled craftsmen and custom upholstery tradesmen, along with her right hand assistant designer, come together to handle every step of the design process through their approachable and fun culture, all while adhering to your budget.